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  1. Port Blair Island:  Wandoor Beach


Wandoor is a small village near the southern tip of South Andaman and  is road connected from Port Blair having a distance of about 28 Km from Port Blair city and is about 25 Km from Air Port. It has some beautiful virgin beaches and is a nice place to relax and it is more known as the gateway to the Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.

From Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park you will get boats to Jolly Buoy and Red Skin Islands. Both Jolly Buoy and Red Skin remains open for tourists for 6 months alternately. 

At Jolly Buoy and Red Skin Islands  you will get to see corals (red, blue, sponge corals etc). Also you will be able to see life within these corals (particularly zebra fish).  Both  Jolly Buoy and Red Skin are a day trip & night stay in this Island is not allowed.

Other facilities available at wandoor:

  • Snorkeling: The review on the nets proves that it is an ideal place for snorkeling. (Jolly Bouy/Red Skin Island)
  • Glass Bottom boats: People who do not wish to swim can hire glass-bottomed boats to view the coral-reefs. It may be noted that boats are available only up to noon.

There are some of new resorts/hotels at Wandoor, like Sea Princess or Anugama resorts which offer other specialties. A lot of Indian and foreign  tourists come to Wandoor during the season to visit Wandoor beach,  Jolly Buoy or Red Skin islands.


Size of the land :   2.00 Acres

Description of the Property:-  The land is located 28 Km From Port Blair city and about 25 KM from air port by road. Part of the property is converted into commercial for tourism purpose. 

The following inbuilt structures are available:

  i).  Running eco friendly  Bar with valid license.

 ii).  Four numbers of eco friendly high standard cottages recently renovated.

iii) Eco friendly kitchen, restaurant, etc are available.


 Asking price : Rs. 4.50 Cr

  1. Neil Island Properties


Size of the land : 3.30 Acres as per document but in actual it is nearly 10 Acres of land

The land is located over the largest and most beautiful beach of  Neil Islnad.

In between the land and the beach there is a small belt of forest land with very tall big trees which gives the added natural beauty and this belt of forest land is nearly 60 to 70 mts width so the CRZ requlation area is covered by this belt. Hence we can utilize the complete land for resort purpose as CRZ requlation is not extends upto this land.



Asking price : Rs. 8.75 Cr

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